I wrote a letter today. I truly enjoy writing letters. Some of my joy comes from the slowing of thought that occurs when writing by hand and sometimes there is just the pure joy of putting pen to paper. 4 pages of script and an entirely different feeling consumed me after the writing than did when I started.

I wrote a letter today. I wrote to my father. Two weeks ago we spent five days together, just he and I, on a twenty-eight a foot boat in the Gulf of Alaska. We were on the boat for eleven hours a day. The conversation we had could have been contained on two sheets of college ruled binder paper.

I wrote a letter today. I tried to express who I am. I tried to tell my father that I wanted to know who he was. I told him things that otherwise I probably never would tell him. These things would go unsaid not because they are secret or hurtful. These things would go unsaid because we don’t know how to talk to one another.

I wrote a letter today and now, I’m scared to post it.