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Advice from an Old Fart


As I sip coffee on this lonely Saturday morning, I want to offer some small bits of advice for those with less, um, experience in life. This is my opinion only - take it for what it’s worth, or don’t. This isn’t complete - these are just some small things popping around my head.

  • Buy whatever…

Truck Stop Steel

There are words inside of me that need to get out. As the thoughts roll around my brain I can see the sentence, the paragraph, and the page. When I have the document open my fingers don’t work. When I have the paper before me, the ink won’t flow.

I write for a purpose. I write to understand. I write to speak my voice that stays silent so many times because I’m not good at speaking my mind. I convey my thoughts in writing because that is the only time I feel my voice is my own. It is the time I feel I can say what needs to be said.

I can’t say anything. The words are wrong. I am disabled. I have lost the use of an essential part of my body. In my mind I am screaming the words that demand to be said. I am unable to say them.

Going to the grocer. Katie had me add Brown Sugar to the list. She did not appreciate my rendition so you can the original.

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